After the freak storm last night, everything froze! Check out the sap that froze mid-drip from one of my taps.


The sap instantly froze when the cold front went through.


The wind blew a bunch of sediment into my sap jug, and then froze. Had to let it thaw out then dump it and start over. 


Got an early start and began the boiling again. Today was much colder and there was a layer of snow on the ground. It was kind of sad. 


Boiled. Boiled. Boiled. Boiled. I boiled late into the night. 


These were the last three jugs of sap I had left. Except, I forgot that I had frozen them, so here I am trying to thaw them out next to the turkey fryer. I ended up cutting them out of the jugs with a knife and dropping them into the boiling sap. It probably wasn’t my brightest idea, but I was getting impatient. I ended up boiling til midnight, but I managed to get the final jugs of sap into the fryer and boil it about 2/3 of the way down!


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