Pickling Practice


My daughter, Cee loves pickles, so naturally my next canning project HAD to be pickles. I didn’t think to grow any pickling cucumbers this year, so instead I purchased some from my local farmers market. I bought half a bushel, which ended up being the perfect amount for the number of jars of pickles I wanted to make. Pictured above you can see the beginning of the process where I am cutting up the pickles. It took a little bit of measuring the pickles as they were too long to fit in the jars. I had to cut the pickles down a little bit in order for them to fit. Once I cut the first few spears, I kept a spear handy and measured the rest of the cucumbers against that one.


A whole bowl of cut cucumber spears!


Cee wanted to help make the pickles, so I had her (very carefully) stir the water, vinegar and pickling salt concoction. We used Mrs. Wages Pickling Salt as our pickling salt of choice.


While the concoction was cooking, we cut some dill and some garlic gloves to put in the jars with the pickles.


Then we started placing the cucumber spears into the jars. Cee loved helping to pack the jars. She also helped me put the garlic and dill into the jars.


So many pickles!


Then we filled the jars with the hot liquid concoction. The cucumbers all floated to the top which was super annoying because they kept popping up above the half a centimeter of space that you’re supposed to leave at the top of the jar. I had to keep pushing them down, which made it difficult to put the lids and lid rings on. However, we then processed the pickles and set them aside. I’ve got to let them sit for at least 24-48 hours so we will see how they turn out! Making pickles was ridiculously easy, so we will plan to do this again next year. I will need to remember to plan pickling cucumbers, dill and garlic in my garden for next year!


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