Lots of Lettuce and Little Carrots

My garden is bursting with lettuce! The spinach is done now that blossoms started growing (also called “bolting”). This means the leaves will be better. I haven’t actually tried them now that they’ve bolted, I’m just going to take the word of others! I planted the spinach quite late in the season anyway, I was surprised it lasted this long. It is more of a colder weather lettuce. During mid-August I will plant some more so that we can have more spinach in the fall. Spinach is my favorite for salads!


Spinach in the front, then romaine lettuce, then peppers and tomato plants. I took this photo when the spinach was bolting. I’ve since cut them down to the base of the plant.

The other kind of lettuce I am growing is a type of romaine lettuce, which is my husband’s favorite. That is the one that’s growing like crazy. I planted a lot of it, and made the mistake of planting it all at once instead of staggering the plantings. I’m curious how long it will stay in the ground before it starts to wilt? Right now there is more than my family can eat.


Here is a bunch of lettuce I picked. I washed each leaf in the sink and then used it all as part of our dinner salad. It’s so satisfying to eat what you produce.

In my other garden bed I have cucumbers which are currently flowering, potatoes, onions and carrots in the far back.


Clearly I have some weeding to do!

The carrots I made the mistake of planting too close, and I’m worried about their growth potential. I pick a carrot or two every couple of days just to see how they are doing. The carrots that are growing in tighter patches (more competition) are growing slower and staying skinnier, whereas the carrots that are growing in sparser patches are filling out a lot quicker. I’ve taken to picking a few of the carrots from tighter patches almost every day. Cee loves it because I always give her the “baby” carrots to eat.


Baby carrots! Normal? Or too skinny for this time of year?


Here is a small bunch of baby carrots that I am scrubbing down. Cee will be so excited when I give them to her!

I’m happy that my garden is growing and doing well but I’m also impatient! I want some of the more exciting stuff to be done like cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. I’d like to make my entire salad from my own garden!

Part of me is also impatient for this season to be over and the next to start. My husband has been impressed with the garden and how hard I’ve been working to keep up with it. He’s agreed to help me expand the garden for next year! I’ve been crazy excited thinking about what Heirloom Seeds I want to start buying.


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